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Family Office

Our ‘young wealth’ services are tailored to the unique requirements and burdens of young clients who have accumulated or inherited substantial personal wealth.  From advising on the appointment of professional advisors and the establishment of tax-efficient structures and operations, we deliver outstanding value in a transparent and approachable fashion.

Wealth Management

Our London-based wealth management services include advising on and project managing the purchase, renovation, ongoing management, staffing and eventual disposal (either on- or off-market) of prime residential real estate and the development of high-yielding property portfolios and property development schemes.

Through our dedicated paymaster service, we can consolidate all of your household and project bills into one payment, with instant and granular reporting through our online paymaster platform, so that you can identify and monitor the costs of your ongoing operations with complete transparency.

Legal Services

As your general counsel, we advise you and your family on all elements of your UK private and commercial legal affairs, including privacy, taxation, corporate, family and employment matters.

Lifestyle & Travel

Our concierge services can handle complex travel arrangements, bookings and secure hard-to-get tickets for must-attend events, as well as planning seasonal entertainment calendars, ad-hoc dining and ongoing personal shopping/auction representation services.

Our private travel service will handle all elements of your aircraft charter, yacht charter and prime property rental requirements (including air/land transfers, staffing, entertainment, prestige vehicle hire and event delivery), and ensure that your arrangements constitute good value.

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We typically cater to high net-worth families and individuals with net assets valued in the £20m-£500m range.  If you would like further information on our services, please contact us using our form.

Briefing Notes

We invite you to read some of our briefing notes and answers to frequently asked questions below.  If you would like any further information on the subject-matter or content of these, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The Pros and Cons of a Virtual Family Office

The Pros and Cons of a Virtual Family Office A virtual family office is a progressive evolution of the single family office. It aims to tackle some of the issues that single family offices face by outsourcing a large amount of (principally operational) work, helping...

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In the Press / Media

From time to time, we are invited to comment on recent developments in the luxury/wealth-management spheres.  Below is a sample of some of those articles.  If you would like any further information on the subject-matter or content of these, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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From young high-earners to long-established family offices, we work hard to understand your values and goals and, drawing on years of experience as trusted advisers, deliver tailored solutions which match your way of working.

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