Q&A with Darragh O’Sullivan, founder of DOS & Co. Family Office Services for HNWI’s

Q&A with Darragh O’Sullivan, founder of DOS & Co. Family Office Services for HNWI’s

Darragh O’Sullivan tells of his path to founding DOS & Co.

What can a DOS & Co. client expect from your Virtual Family Office service?

We get things done; project managers for the challenges that wealthy individuals face.  For our clients, we are the starting point or ‘go-to’ when they have a new idea, a new project, want to buy or sell a significant asset (be it a home, an exotic vehicle, a boat, a helicopter or a plane), or perhaps they have a problem in their personal, professional or public life that requires managing, monitoring or solving.

We cover the base of being a law firm and management consultancy that gives advice, and then, with the client’s blessing, we put that advice into practice and manage the outcomes, too, all the while seeking to give a level of service that one might expect from a seasoned concierge at a leading hotel.

In this way, the client can be assured of the end-result.  If (and, fortunately, this hasn’t happened to date), our advice is flawed, then we are on the hook to fix it.  Like a ‘design and build’ construction contract, by acting as a one-stop-shop, we can give the client ultimate peace of mind, with no ‘battle of the consultants’ if things start to go off the rails.  In this way, our clients view us as they would the team in an internal single family office.

By acting as the client’s trusted advisers, we sit on the ‘inside’ – clients speak freely with us and, like the finest butlers, we hear everything but say nothing.  ‘Loose lips sink ships’ is the phrase which gets drummed into each new recruit or sub-contractor we work with. It is only by sitting in this inner circle that we are able to act effectively to manage projects, launches, staff, assets or problems to their desired end result.

We’re also the people you go to for the ‘impossible’.  Believe it or not, while all of our clients’ requirements are different, they tend to share common attributes – we generally have the contacts, expertise and ability to achieve the end result, and if we don’t, we’ll jolly-well find them.

Finally, for clients with more sophisticated tax or inheritance planning structures, we act as trustees to family trusts and structures to ensure that they are properly administered and in an approachable, professional fashion. While the design and creative structuring is something best left to teams of specialists who do little else, we are on-hand to implement and run those structures once their authors have signed off on them.

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13 May 2018