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London-Based Outsourced Professional Family Office Services

Our Virtual Family Office provides outsourced legal and management services to modern high net-worth families and individuals, typically with net assets valued in the £20m-£200m range, who seek all of the benefits of a Single Family Office without the attendant burdens.

For our Virtual Family Office clients, we manage physical assets (including estates, yachts and aircraft), properties and companies alongside the provision of our lifestyle services. Those lifestyle services include management of household staff, yacht and aircraft crew, travel arrangements and maintenance of records for art, wine, watch and vehicle collections.

In addition to this, we also offer private and discreet day-to-day accounting, expenses, payroll, legal, philanthropic and succession planning services.

Asset Management

We have extensive experience in the sourcing, acquisition, management, renovation and disposal of various classes of substantial physical assets (including prime property, estates, yachts and aircraft).

Lifestyle Management

We are experts in the sourcing, acquisition and ongoing management of ski chalets for your family’s use, with a particular expertise in the French resorts of Courchevel and Méribel.  We are also able commercialise your empty weeks to contribute to the overheads and upkeep of the property.

Our Clients

From young high-earners to long-established family offices, we work hard to understand your values and goals and, drawing on years of experience as trusted advisers, deliver tailored solutions which match your way of working.

HNW individuals

Non-domiciled visitors

Entertainment personalities


HNW families

Expatriate London residents

Sports personalities

Prime property investors

Concierge Legal Services

We operate as consultant general counsel to entrepreneurs and high net-worth individuals who require an attentive and on-call service.  Our longstanding relationships with our clients allow us to tailor solutions to their particular requirements, philanthropic or ethical goals and in keeping with their existing investments and obligations.

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Privacy Agreements

Tailored privacy, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) for visitors and contractors.

Investment Support

Negotiated heads of terms, due diligence, deal structuring and compliance for private investment.

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Joint Ventures

Shareholder agreements, directors’ service agreements and memoranda of agreement for entrepreneurial ventures.

Physical Asset Management

Our physical management services encompass all manner of physical assets, wherever they are located in the world.  Our service is tailored to your requirements, from intensive 24/7 staffing to quarterly owner’s representative visits and appraisals.

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Through our extensive network, we can assist in the search for the perfect match for you.

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By your side throughout the design process, we are then able to manage the refit or renovation.

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Once complete, we will find and train your staff and manage your ongoing operations and accounting.

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When the time comes to dispose of your asset, we will assist you in achieving the greatest value.

Existing Clients

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Become a Client?

We typically cater to high net-worth families and individuals with net assets valued in the £20m-£500m range.  If you would like further information on our services, please contact us using our form.

Family Office Reporting Systems

We design and build bespoke reporting systems and dashboards for family offices, entrepreneurs and high net-worth individuals to track their physical assets, collections, businesses and investment portfolios.

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Superyacht Systems

Accounting, reservation and guest relationship management systems for yacht owners and charterers.

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Household Systems

Collection management, accounting, and concierge systems for private residences.

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Private Jet Systems

Provisioning, booking, accounting and reporting systems for fixed-wing and rotary private aircraft.

Family Office Briefing Notes

We invite you to read some of our briefing notes and answers to frequently asked questions below.  If you would like any further information on the subject-matter or content of these, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The Pros and Cons of a Virtual Family Office

The Pros and Cons of a Virtual Family Office A virtual family office is a progressive evolution of the single family office. It aims to tackle some of the issues that single family offices face by outsourcing a large amount of (principally operational) work, helping...

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What is a Virtual Family Office?

Virtual family offices are the increasingly popular solution to help HNWI’s handle everything from daily operations to physical asset management. Here, we explain what a VFO is, its services and the benefits of using one. Virtual family office definition Simply put,...

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