Is Xero suitable for Family Offices?

Published by Darragh O'Sullivan on
DOS & Co. is a Xero partner, specialising in setting up and running Xero for family offices, aircraft, yachts and other luxury assets.What is Xero?In a nutshell, ... Read More

Getting value from your Private Counsel

Published by Darragh O'Sullivan on
Private counsel (or 'private lawyers') are quite different. We're not like solicitors, who sit outside of your organisation and are primarily interested in billing you for more hours; nor are we like barristers who specialise to stratospheric levels in very specific and narrow fields... Read More

What is a Private Counsel?

Published by Darragh O'Sullivan on
A Private Counsel is an outsourced, in-house lawyer. Unlike a General Counsel, who works full-time for one organisation or family, a Private Counsel assists a limited number of clients on an ongoing basis.Private Counsel means: a dedicated, experienced top lawyer, available at all ... Read More


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