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Establishing, running and supporting single family offices in London

Family Office

Solutions Tailored To Your Requirements

We recognise that all family offices are different. Some are multi-generational; others support new or young wealth. Some have physical presences, while others operate remotely or virtually, coming together as and when required.

Our entire business began as a single family office. The discretion, integrity, attention to detail and flexibility that family offices require are all built in to the way that we have developed.

From the bank-grade encryption on our bespoke back-office systems to our ever-readiness to meet you on your aircraft, yacht or in your home, we fit seamlessly into your lifestyle to deliver you as much support as you need, whenever you need it.

New & Young Wealth

Supporting your new circumstances

Working with new and young wealth-holders is one of the areas in which we can deliver exceptional value-add.

We have the collective benefit of having worked with over 30 different wealth-holding structures and families, and all of the mistakes they have made and lessons they have learned along the way.

Examples of ways we've assisted new or young wealth-holders in the past include:

Building your advisory team

We work with the absolute gold-standard of London-based advisors and practices to build your trusted team.

Establishing your Family Office

From planning, to design, to implementation and ongoing management, book-keeping and corporate services.

Defining your Real Estate strategy

We advise you on your estate/property strategy, from first steps to your first night in residence.

Luxury Assets, Travel & Staffing

Understanding your requirements, we advise on (and, if you would like, deliver) your asset and staffing strategies.

Bankers & Wealth Managers

We can introduce you to the right bankers and wealth managers to suit your personality and ambitions.

Single Family Office

Supporting your Private Family Office

You may have an existing family office in London, be working with a Multi-Family Office, or be based overseas but with significant interests in the UK.

We can act as your local 'branch' in London, operating as an extension of your primary family office to manage, report upon, and control your European affairs.

Examples of ways we've assisted existing family offices include:

Accounting & Book-keeping

We are experts in book-keeping for family offices, estates, households, aircraft and yachts.

In-House Counsel

We operate as UK-based in-house counsel for overseas family offices.

Yacht & Aircraft Management

We provide all of the non-technical management required for your luxury assets in-house, also managing your asset technical managers as a single point of contact.

Luxury Asset Custody

We take care of your properties, vehicles, business interests and UK affairs if you expect to spend an extended period of time away.

Foreign Trust Protector

Based in London, we are able to accept appointments as a foreign trust protector to help satisfy foreign trust classification requirements.

Corporate Director / NED

We are able to provide services as a corporate director of your UK-based entities

Virtual Family Office

Your Family Office, as and when you need it

As digital communication makes the world a smaller place, many of our clients choose not to operate the overhead and responsibility of a dedicated family office

Instead, they rely on us to provide ad-hoc support and assistance whenever it is required. We call this our "Virtual Family Office" service.

Examples of ways we've assisted existing family offices include:

Cataloguing & Insurance of Collections

We manage the cataloguing, insurance and timely appraisals and valuations of all elements of your collections so they are all are well cared-for, itemised and insured.

Domestic & Family Office Recruitment

We have access to an unrivalled network of household and family office staff who are available for short-term relief postings, longer-term projects or even full-time employment.

Property Search & Representation

We offer discreet and professional property search services to assist you with the search for, and acquisition of on- and off-market prime real estate assets.

Property & Estate Management

We assist you with all of your ongoing pro-active property maintenance as well as refurbishments, renovations, purchases and sales.

Domestic Staffing Employment Agency

We take care of all of the legal and employment, payroll, pensions, training and ongoing performance management of your domestic staff.

Construction Client Representation

We represent you in the appointment of suitable project management teams, cost consultants, contractors and sub-contractors.

Family Trustee Services

We are able to act either as a company trustee or nominate a director to act as a personal trustee for our longstanding clients’ family trusts.

Professional Protector Services

We provide professional protector services to oversee trustee actions and act as an experienced conduit between beneficiaries and trustees.

Nominated Shareholder Services

We act as nominee shareholders to help consolidate clients’ broad direct investment holdings and represent their interests.

Family Charters & Dashboards

We help you to articulate your shared visions, governance standards and provide live shared digital reporting dashboards.

Owner's Representative Service

We act as your Owner's Representative for your yacht repair/refit contracts.

Accounting & Book-keeping

We are experts in book-keeping for family offices, estates, households, aircraft and yachts.

In-House Counsel

We operate as UK-based in-house counsel for overseas family offices.

Travel & Concierge Support

We assist in the planning of special holidays and celebrations, rental of properties, charter of aircraft and yachts and exotic/luxury car hire.

Relocation Support

Whether you are seeking to establish a foothold in the United Kingdom, or moving abroad to warmer climes, we can assist you with every step of your journey.


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