Marine & Aviation

Escrow, Corporate Services & Book-Keeping


For High-Value Transactions

Suitable for the sale and purchase of aircraft, yachts, tenders and toys, we are able to provide flexible escrow services for high-value transactions. We offer a turn-key solution, from contracts to the in-house provision of FCA-regulated payment accounts.

Corporate Services

Management, Co-Ordination & Oversight

We provide professional directorship services with knowledge and experience of yacht and aircraft ownership. We are also able to assist with the provision of our in-house FCA-regulated payment accounts and general yacht/aircraft administration services.

Book-Keeping & VAT

For Marine & Aviation

Our land-based book-keeping teams provide virtual purser services to simplify your luxury asset book-keeping requirements. This is a turn-key service, operating from the set up of your accounts and opening of your bank accounts to monthly, multi-currency management accounting and consolidated reporting with your wider assets and liabilities.

We are also able to provide tailored reporting and API-based links in to your family office or wider corporate finance/accounting function so that you have live, accurate cost control.


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