Super-Prime Residential Construction Support Services

Client Representation

For Private Clients & Developers

Architect Selection

We support clients in the selection and appointment of architects suitable for their construction projects.

Procurement Method

We assist in developing the project strategy, advising on the merits of traditional procurement, design-and-build, 2-phase and hybrid procurement methods.

Contractor Selection

We are able to propose suitably-experienced main contractors to tender or negotiate for the Works.

Project Bank Accounts

We provide in-house Project Bank Accounts to minimise the risk and overhead in a large construction project.

Dispute Resolution

We support clients in negotiation, mediation, adjudication and arbitration in relation to prime residential construction contracts.

In-House Counsel

For Architects, Designers and Contractors

We provide outsourced in-house counsel and non-executive director support to successful and high-growth businesses operating in the super-prime residential construction sector in London.

Some of the elements we deal with on a routine basis include:

Contract Amendments

Supporting Contractors and Sub-Contractors in analysing and negotiating proposed amendments to standard-form JCT building contracts for prime residential projects.

Sub-Contract Terms & Conditions / Framework Agreements

Developing robust sub-contract orders, terms and conditions and contracting practices to manage downstream risk and provide the flexibility required to deliver prime projects to the required high standards.

Interior Design Terms & Conditions

Supporting interior designers in developing comprehensive design and FF&E procurement contracts, detailing client and designer responsibilities and reflecting the specific nature of high-end materials, samples and schemes.

Direct-to-Client Appointment Terms

Developing direct-to-client appointment terms for contractors undertaking smaller (<£250k) works for clients directly, either stand-alone or post-PC.

Maintenance & Aftercare Terms & Conditions

Building tailored maintenance and aftercare terms and conditions and order forms, accommodating flexibility in the delivery of white-glove property maintenance and aftercare services.

Adjudication / Payment Disputes

Recovering late retention payments; supporting parties by representing them at adjudication; and managing the resolution of construction-related disputes.


Escrow | Project Bank Accounts | Retentions Trust Accounts

We support fair and prompt payment in construction contracts through our range of Trust accounts.

From escrow accounts that support offshore Employers in providing comfort to their Contractors, to Project Payment Accounts designed to shorten the time-to-payment of all those in the supply chain whilst increasing the levels of transparency and trust in the system, we are the only firm to our knowledge in the UK offering these specialist products.


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